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Thursday, October 6, 2016

October 17th

So this is the date that my current contract at work expires.  Usually I would of signed a new contract by now but since the new government was elected in there have been lots of changes in regards to funding.  So my section still have no idea how much they can get which leaves me out in the cold.  If they dont sort their shit out by next week I'm pretty much unemployed again.  Cant say I'm too shocked that this might be happening, but in the way its happening is a bit surprising.  So yeah I guess we'll see how it goes.

In other news my friend Royce has been heckling me into writing out my story ideas and getting an artist to commission them into a comic book and putting them up on indiegogo/kickstarter since there seem to be heaps of comics getting funded that look rubbish.  I'll admit I'm seriously thinking about it and sorting out my current ideas into a more fleshed out order.  I originally had them as stories for books, so it'll take a little tweaking to get them as a comic.  But if I do go ahead with it I'll put up details here about some of the ideas.  If I dont get extended then I'm 100% doing it since I'll have nothing to do and will need to keep my mind away from suicide lololol


  1. I'd totally back that :D
    I could help with drafts of the draw3ings ;D finally put my Art Alevel to some use....

    ps Plz no suicide senpai <3

    1. lol I'm so jealous of people who can draw. I cant even do a damn circle and I've tried for years. I like looking at peoples art so if you have a website with some up feel free to toss over the link!

    2. pftt circles are impossible to draw in one smooth line XD awessooome :3 lemme just stick some stuff up on my old blog xD