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Friday, July 8, 2011

Its done

So today I gave my boss my 4 week notice.  He was pretty surprised.  Only a couple others know and I pretty much said not to spread it out.  I just want to vanish when the time comes lol.  Aside from that little bit of joy, my cat seems to be sick again.  I dont know, he just doesnt eat much.  He could be missing my mum since she's in greece, but yeah, I'm pretty worried over him.  She wont be back for 3more months so I hope its a cold, and not anythng major, just something small.  I'll keep an eye on him.  Once I stop working I'll be able to spend time with him again since right now its just him and an empty house until I get back from work.  Not good for him.

On another note I came across this today.  Its a stop motion video with characters from FF7.  This guy put in heaps of effort, clip is pretty awesome.  Hopefully you all enjoy it too.


  1. Wow. Awesome vid that was. I can't even begin to imagine how long he takes to make it. Although, I must say that the creator made a mistake with Sephiroth; he's supposed to be left-handed.

    Anyways, here's hoping that your cat gets better. It's never fun to see animals suffer.

  2. Is it sad that at the end, the first comment in my head was, "SHE'S STILL WARM!"?

    Pretty awesome for 2 months worth of work and ten thousand photo shots. Good to know those rare collector's edition FFVII figurines would find some use. XD

  3. 5:11 best part. >:P the video was awesome untill the end.

    must have taken FOREVER to make it.

    Sephiroth > Cloud, always.

  4. Makes me wonder what my toys get up to when I'm not home

  5. Let's see...check her teeth and gums (rotting teeth or white gums are bad)...

    If she becomes lethargic and starts sleeping in odd corners of the house she never went to before, don't hesitate to take her to a vet immediately. I lost a cat because my parents didn't believe me. Two of them, actually.

    It's possible it's just a virus, too. Feel her ears and nose. Warm ears mean fever, dry nose can sometimes mean that as well. If there isn't a fever, then there's something else going on.

    If she cleans herself a lot and never hacks of hairballs...maybe she has an obstruction, that's a definite vet trip if so. Dunno how to check, I imagine you could look and feel around where her intestines and stomach are.

    I'm not a vet, but I know cats quite well. A tenth of a Zyrtec allergy pill can relieve things like allergies...or a tenth of an Aspirin can relieve pain. I know they both work, saved one of my cats from horrid allergies to fleas, and some others were able to get around better because there wasn't as much pain.

  6. Yep I'm pretty much aware of all those things. and my cats a he lol. I'll make sure not to tell him what you said. He's gotten better lately though. Started eating all his food again. Super happy.

  7. so wht was the reason to quit your job this time?

  8. I havent enjoyed it from the start. I figure 6 months is plenty of time to see whether I wanted to stay or not. Answer is not.