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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Con, grab my boob! Adventuuuuure!

In truth my eyes are hurting today. I think its from lack of sleep. Or maybe its cause the sun was in them this morning. OOoor it could be pink eye from Con. Whatever it is it wont stop me from making a blog post.

I do want to to get straight to it though. Con showed this to me by text when I was at work. I can't say enough how I love these kind of fans. Those who go out of their way to make something cute and entertaining.

Great fanart xxdesuchini-chanxx. Check out her Devaintart if you get the chance!

Now as for artwork..bleegh. I got Con to over look the comic and he has greened light it to be inked. I am going to be making more and more post to simply update you guys on that. Promise. BUT we do have a special little something something for you before thats all done.. *drum roll* Portal Ep.3! Con got a little look into it the other day. I spent what time I had to work on it last night between everything else and I think today I can get it done. w00t!


  1. cant wait to watch portal ep.3 :D

  2. OMG! Thank you guys to much for posting my art!
    I appreciate it so much! <3 I got the comment saying Con was gonna show this to Jed, but I never imagined you guys would put it on your blog...thank you so much!

    And you guys are defo worth drawing the fanart. If you can take the time out of the day to make fans like me laugh their butts off, then we can take the time to provide good art for people like you. :D

  3. No no! Thank you. The greatest joy we get is reading your guy's comments and seeing awesome fan art like this.

  4. Nice. I honestly say a lot of the one-liners you guys have used.

    I'll be at work and will start saying, "I'm awesome. I'm AWEsome. sumanum...omanomanom..." Or "Pills just appear in my hand!"

    Needless to say I'm the only one laughing at myself with knowledge of what I'm mimicking. My co-workers just tune me out or think I'm a lune.