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Friday, July 1, 2011

New toy

So I finally got my new camera in.  Pretty happy with it.  Been screwing around with it quite a bit.You might remember a little while back I mentioned I bought the Sony TX5.  Well there were a few problems with it, possibly broken or something since it didnt focus on anything properly.  So I returned it and got the latest version, the TX10.  Sure it was double the price but it had some extra cool features.  Like water proof and shock proof for example.  I really do wish these things had better zoom though.  My older panasonic spoiled me rotten since it could zoom like 500 miles away.  Either way I'm pretty impressed with it since its just a basic point and shoot camera.  So heres some pictures I took with it.

Got to admit I am so bloody happy the weekend is here.  This week has been incredibly slow.  Going to enjoy sleeping in and just watching a bunch of movies I've got sitting there waiting to be enjoyed.  With my mum in greece and my dad working away for a couple weeks, the house is pretty much all mine to do as I please.  So quiet.  I love the quiet.  Except when I have my sound system blaring away during some movie I'm watching.  I know some people still ask But Con!  Why are you still living with your parents!  Well its a greek thing.  Pretty much european actually.  We're very family oriented.  We dont get kicked out or expected to leave.  The way we see it is our parents help us while we're young and when we're able to help them in return then we do, and thats pretty much what I do.  Especially since we live in Australia and my parents english isnt the super best.  I help them with everything from filling forms, phone calls to this or that organisation, a shitload of other stuff.  Without me they wouldnt even know how to switch channels on the damn cable box.  Not even joking.  So yeah, plenty reasons to stay home, little reason to move.  Did I mention I dont pay rent?  Yeah thats a bonus for being greek lol.

Also theres a chance the next portal video will be up in the next few days.  Jeds finally started sifting through his clips so I'm looking forward to seeing what he sends my way.


  1. I don't get why some people think it's a big deal if you live with your parents, as long as you live with people you care for and like ...

    and the no rent is just a bonus.. :P

  2. PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE... when I get back lol, jokes :P

  3. I'm Irish, so I get the whole Parent thing lol ^.^

  4. I remember that Panasonic camera of yours. That zoom was incredible. New one's looking good :)
    I understand the parent thing well, I don't understand why people have a problem with it. I've been to Greece, such nice people. You have a great heritage.

  5. Woa! Your camera takes very clear photos!! I wish my camcorder would do the same!!

    And I can't wait for the next portal video!! X3

  6. When's the next comic coming out? Jesus. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I'm fiending for it, but damn. It's been likeforever since the last one.

  7. I agree with you. Problem is Jed is extremely overworked. He's playing with it at the moment and we've both agreed on the laytout and look of it so now he's just touching it up with detail. I'm hoping he manages to get it done by next week. Same goes with the next portal clip. The joy of work, neither of us have much free time. Must be good to be able to sit around and do nothing all day every day playing games like some others.