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Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Rent is to damn high"

This will be a rage post today. A post about the additional cost to every day things now. Lets start with Netflix. They are increasing their prices up to 60%! *Clings to my heart* I been doing the Streaming and 1 DVD delivery package for a while now. Was enjoying it a good deal but now I got to consider what to do.

I can keep the streaming and DVD delivery if I add a extra $5 or cut off the DVD package altogether...why don't they have a stand alone blueray package instead? I much rather rent those.

And what does justify the price hike? When you think about it, Netflix is huge...but they want to be. Netflix on your cell phone didn't get their on its own. Same goes for Bleyray players, Nintendo 3DS, even tablets. Netflix pushed its streaming service really well and when you are top dog you can start raising the costs for a nice multi-million dollar bonus to yourself. Thats what is going on here.

Next is my cable bill. It went up $5 also this past couple months. Time Warner gives no reasoning to why either. They even wanted to charge $5 for getting my bills mailed to me by paper. And yet, I get a envelope a week advertising their digital phone service. If they want to save money than cut the spam mail. It'll save trees and marketing resources.

Lastly I found out my pre-paid phone service is also getting a price hike. I am on Virgin's lowest plan of $25 and its going up to $35. Virgin claims thats its because more and more people are now using data. You sell data phones are now surprised more data is used? A fun story to read about cell phone charges for anyone interested.

Blegh. I shouldn't complain really. I find it rather silly to groan about the cost of luxury living but I do feel the compressing effects of our bandaid economy. If businesses need the cash then cut some CEO salary. Not being able to fly your Helicopter to work everyday should come before raising prices.


  1. I heard about the Netflix price hike. My sister and brother both have it, and I thought about it. But now, I'm not even going to bother.

    Nice story, btw. Now I know why cellphone companies release a unlimited Texting plan, only if you get an unlimited minute plan. *sigh*

  2. For the record, it's actually the movie studios that are behind the Netflix price hike. They've been attacking Netflix for a couple of years now, since they feel like mail-order or streaming rentals subtracts from their own theatrical and DVD sales.

    So they've basically delivered Netflix an ultimatum: "Either window releases or our films to one month after the DVD is available for purchase, or pay us ridiculous upfronts and royalties." Netflix chose the latter, and now in order to stay viable as a business, they're having to pass the costs on to customers.

  3. Sounds like its time for netflix to move over and 'downloading' to begin ololollo

  4. I feel your pain, my tuition just went up 12%. At any time during the quarter they can add more fees that students have to pay to avoid being disenrolled for that quarter. =(

  5. "The United States invariably does the right thing, after having exhausted every other alternative."
    — Winston Churchill

    I'm honestly debating on changing my phone plan (tracfone, failure), but I can't find anything that'd suit my simple needs for a semi-affordable price.

    I mean...iPhones and such have an actual reason to be expensive; they're made using rare earths. Everything else...well, as long as people still will pay for it, they'll just keep raising prices...we're dependant on so much. It irks me. I sometimes wonder why I stick around in the U.S.A..