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Thursday, November 17, 2011

My Waffle Fries.

Let me tell ya guys something. Working 45hrs a week is not fun. It is lame. It gives a person enough time to sit down to sleep and then you are back to work. Hate it.

WITH THAT out of the way did I mention to you guys that I was asked to become a department manager? My Assistant Store Manager approached me about it and asked me to put in for it. I would much rather have BAMBOO seeds placed under my finger nails so I could live my life in anguish as the horrible little plant grew under the skin of my fingers and arms.

You see my little pumpkin fat rolls, your Jed was a department manager once. It was horrible. They told me everyday how much I was failing in the job but wouldn't tell me why. Maybe they thought that negative reinforcement would iron out a better worker? Sounds like something they would think is a good idea. It matters not though. They did a restructure of the company payroll and 85% of all department managers lost their positions. In a effort to save money. I was one of them. In all I lost 20Cents a hour.

Oh hey! Look what I found! 

I drew this 3 years ago? Maybe a little later than even that. Its been so long ago I didn't even remember this artwork till I uncovered it during a clean up of my laptop HDD. I thought it still looked cool so I wanted to share it! You'll see it on Devaintart in a couple days. 


  1. Curious if you have difficulties with human hands/feet/faces like I do, or just didn't finish.

    My dad has your same issue with a job, though. He works maintenance at 4 factories, has been offered a position as head of maintenance several times. But he's taken your stance on the issue; he gets paid better than most of his bosses anyhow. He'd prefer not to deal with the excess stress. He works about 42 1/2 hours a week; used to be more, but his co-worker bitched and took his weekends.

  2. HEY

    Mind telling us where your deviantart is?
    I'd like to see