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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Yesterday was my birthday.  I turned a glorious 36!  Went out with a couple friends, ate japanese food which was awesome, and finally got to play the new King of Fighters 13 game.  Its way better then that rubbish they served us in 12.  So this makes me happy as a long time fan of the series.

I didnt buy myself a cake yet.  Still waiting for my sister to fuck off back to where she came from before I do, which is 'supposedly' monday but we'll see, cause I refuse to share the cake with her.  Its such an awesome cake.  Chocolate one from a place down the road.  The guy makes amazing cakes.  Cant wait!

My cat is heaps better now.  He's still got 1 wound on the back of his neck that he refuses to let heal, but thats better then the half dozen he had.  I'm guessing its probably from stress, ie sister being here and the general aura of the house because of it.  Fingers crossed he gets better after she leaves.

Jed and I are editing like 3 clips at the moment of some games we'll be uploading.  It feels like we're forever editing and not really getting to the end.  I want to make a couple more toy videos before christmas.  One though I cant continue at the moment because photoshop is ignoring what I want to do.  Probably doesnt help that I'm not that good with it.  Sooner or later I'll sort it out.  Probably helps I'm totally NOT an artist either.

For now enjoy a picture!


  1. You have a birthday? Oh, you mean National Con Day. Happy National Con Day for yesterday! :D

    That's awesome news about your cat, it's hard to believe some people don't like them. Damn good company.

  2. Well happy belated birthday to you then Mr. Con!
    Hope your cake is extra delicious!