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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Off to punishment cabin!

Man has it been a long time since I posted here! Some might ask "Jed, why u no post?!". And that my little candy mints is a great question. You see it turns out places like Blogger .com require a user name and password and no matter what I was trying it would never let me sign in.

After days of struggling I contacted Con all M.I.B style. Con was having me try almost anything we can think of. He could sign into the blog from everything and I couldn't sign in from a single thing. After a while Mr. Con discovered the issue.

Turns out he changed the password to the blog at some point, he doesn't remember, and didn't bother telling me. Hahah! So this whole time we was half guessing ourselves.  Being 5am didn't help either.

Point is though I am back! To fill everyone in, I had myself a nice little vacation this past October! Went to a neat little place called the Wright Patterson Air-Force Museum and I took pictures!

For anyone interested you may view my entire picture gallery here.


  1. They have one like that in the UK...but there are more trains than planes....still awesome :D

  2. -Proceed fangirl giggle.- He called us CANDY MINTS, heehee!

    I have a friend who went there... He's getting his pilot's license and is a total dork over these things. xD

  3. I had been trying to figure out if that was really you replying to my stalking comment or a you-stalker. xD

    I saw the presidential helicopter or somewhat once. They told us we saw it, it was there. Didn't tell us which of the 50 it was. Then led us off to design robots that moved balls into baskets. <<;

  4. We was? WE WAS!? /Grammar Nazi

    Did any of those planes have the Decepticon emblem? Just making sure. ;)

  5. About 5 had the emblem. I pealed one off with a razor blade to keep for myself.

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