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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Toy theatre presents, a late halloween tale

I'm not going to get into anything else at the moment aside to say my new clip is up.    Enjoy my crap!  As always this is at my friends room and I dont have a script.  I just sit and speak shit on the fly.


  1. Why do you have dolls from Harry Potter and Twilight? WHAT XD

  2. lol I needed teenage characters for my highschool. I couldnt find ANY at stores. Then I saw harry potter and twilight figures on special and I thought to myself, they're teenagers....I can also rip the heads off the twilight figures. And it was done.

  3. Can't watch this until 2 AM. Word of the wise, never get Hughesnet.

    BUT I WILL BE THERE and I will die laughing again at what you came up with. I really wish Jed could be there to join in with their creation :P