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Thursday, July 11, 2013

And so on

This week I was supposed to put my cat to sleep.  However I chose to delay it.  Over the last couple months hes been having injections every 2-3 days to keep him normal.  He would lose his balance easily, lose is appetite, just look miserable and sore.  Sometimes the injections would make him ok for a day or two but he would always revert, and sometimes really badly.  Which is the reason I decided to put him down.  The cancer was screwing with him.

Since saturday I havent gone back to the vet.  For whatever reason he seems much much better.  Granted the jaw is still hurting him, but he seems much different.  Hes eating heaps, hes running around, his balance is good, he talks lots, and he even bit me the other day.  He hasnt done that in months.  When hes not biting or clawing at me its usually not a good sign.  Now he is so thats awesome.  I dont know why hes still going so well.  It goes against everything thats happened in the past few months.  I rescheduled for thursday and cancelled that too.  I cant bring myself to put him to sleep when hes acting so fine.  A week ago I would have.  But hes not as sick now.  His gums still bleed and hes still sore, but he seems happy.  So I'm going to sit and wait and see how long this goes for.  It could be only a few days for all I know, but the extra time I've had now I think has prepared me better for when I do go ahead with it, and I dont see it being too far away.

Today I also had an interview for a job.  Its mainly keeping a database updated with all types of records regarding an airline here.  It went well, made the 3 interviewers laugh a few times.  They seemed happy.  But thats how all my interviews generally go so I'm not expecting anything.  However if I do get it then I'm pretty much dead on for going to disney world next year.   I originally planned to go to disney land, but Jed told me about this Fantasy Land place they just built in the florida World one.  Has areas from the Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast.  Thats pretty much all I needed to know to change my destination.  And for whatever reason the Disney Cruise isnt going longer than a day or two at disney land during the period I plan to go.  Florida one its good for 4-5 days.  And I'm going on that fucking cruise.  Maybe I can romance me an Ariel <3


  1. Fantastic your cat is feeling a little better :)

  2. Con, I repeat, you cannot touch Ariel.