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Saturday, July 20, 2013

So frustrating

You know when things go wrong they usually just keep going.  Today I was supposed to attend this seminar thing where a small group of you go in for 2 hours and give your opinions on this or that topic they have and at the end you're given $80.  This sort of thing happens often and I was randomly chosen.  So I thought SCORE I'm not working and I need money fairly badly at the moment.  So today should of been a good day.  Not so.

Last night my car was doing something strange.  The past few days its been turning on slower.  I dont know how to explain it but usually when this happens you know the battery is about to die.  And last night it stopped working.  The bullshit thing about this is the battery is only 5 months old.  This stuff is meant to last over a year. Problem is I cant get a new battery till monday, which will cost me around $120.  So I went from potentially making $80 and now being $40 in the negative.  BRILLIANT!

Worst of all, tomorrow is also my plan to take my cat in to finally put him to sleep.  He's held out so well these past couple weeks.  But hes starting to get worse.  His balance is going, he doesnt things that arent incredibly smart which doesnt suit him because hes fucking intelligent as.  And his wound is seeping much more so that whenever he shakes his head he sometimes flicks blood across the tiles.  So yeah, not looking forward to it, but theres no way I'm going to let him get worse.  I think hes reaching his deadline where his quality of life is going to drastically go down.  I'm half expecting this to be around tuesday.  No doubt I'll be charged another $200 for them to do this.  Thieving scum.  You'd think after all the years and money I'd spent there they'd do me a favour just once.

Slight good news, Jed has informed me that his friend Andy only needs to paint his new place and once thats done he'll be able to head over there any time and use his internet, so we should be able to get much more gaming done than we have in the past year or so.  Fingers crossed.  We have a shitload of co-op games we've been wanting to play together but havent managed to.  And a second piece of good news, Cody's finally found a job and I was helping him choose out PC parts to build his new system so he'll be playing with us pretty often as well.  This is a long time coming.

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