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Monday, July 1, 2013

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Well the last week has been frustrating.  Not going to mention everything cause I'd be here all day, but they're all shit.  I did have a job interview that went really well.  Next day I'm told I was in the top 3 choices and it was very hard for them blahblah but they went with someone else.  Well good for you.  Whats the point of me being in your top 3.  I dont benefit shit from that.

My cats been in his worst period ever.  The infection in his mouth isnt improving, if anything it got worse a couple days ago after receiving 2 expensive injections that were supposed to help.  Its bleeding, there was a bad smell coming from it, he couldnt even eat from the pain.  So for the last 2 days I was seriously considering having him put down because hes just absolutely miserable and after 4 months of me trying to help him heal with very expensive constant vet trips, it just seems everythings going the wrong way and I'm starting to feel bad for making him suffer  like this.  Today he seems slightly better.  But only slightly.  I have another trip to the vet tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.  But I'm thinking theres really only one ending.  And I dont like it.

Also today is fireworks night.  Its like Americas 4th of july but just for my state.  So yeah, fireworks going off all over the place and heres me with a sick cat who shard enough to get to eat already without BOOMBOOMBOOM.  Its just perfect.  Not gonna lie, I'm rooting for many accidents and a record night at the hospital.

I saw superman today.  Thats me trying to distract myself from the stress of my cat.  Movie was awesome.  Not sure why critics are having a sulk over it.  Maybe there wasnt some powerful message about a minority in it who beat the aliens by strength of will and a song.  Either way, loved it as much as I did star trek.  Roll on Pacific Rim and Thor 2!!!

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  1. Well that's too bad about your cat, but wishing people severe body injuries because while celebrating they're unintentionally startling your cat is a bit extreme, isn't it?

    And yeah, the new superman movie was awesome :D