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Friday, July 5, 2013

Fuck everything

So today I went in for my cats possible 1 millionth vet appointment.  After a little talking we all came to the conclusion that this isnt any normal infection since its been with him for about 4 months and the 3 times a week visits and shots are not improving it.  We thought it was probably in the bone of the jaw so would take longer.  But judging with how he is, and also seeing how thin his blood is, it seems he has cancer.  I'll be taking him on tuesday to put him to sleep.  The vet shook my hand and called me a legend for keeping such a close watch on him and spending so much money trying to get him better.  Says anyone else would of put him to sleep years ago.  He's always been pretty sickly.  Every ones surprised hes made it this far, and almost 18.   I'd always hoped old age would get him after 20 since hes such a strong cat, but hes always gotten sick so easily.  Well I've got a couple days left to spoil him rotten.  More then usual.  Which will be tough because hes pretty fucking spoiled as is.

Other then that I've been doing some cleaning and sorting of my room.  I was sick of having my receiver on the floor and all the cables and stuff and finally found a cabinet I was happy enough to grab.

Taken with my shit iphone instead of my proper camera because I'm smart.  But yeah, that wall used to have a couple dvd shelf stacks, the speaker was on the ground, the receiver in front of that bookshelf with a billion fucking cables.  Now its neater and less of a distraction for my borderline OCD brain.  The only problem is I'm not 100% used to the layout.  I was mopping the floor just now and with my brain completely thinking about my cat, I accidently smashed the hilt of the mop handle into my Alien statues face, knocking out 2 of its teeth.  I was furious with myself since I'm so fucking careful of EVERYTHING in my room.  And this is like the 1 thing I really didnt want damaged.  Thankfully the breaks are clean so I should have no problem putting them back on with some glue.  I did that with my LOTR Uruk-hai statue who had his big toe broken off and I got it for $100 cheaper.  Glued it back on and you cant even tell it was broken.  So fingers crossed I manage to salvage this with minimal effort and I dont glue my fingers together.  Probably will though.

Finally I wanted to share a site I found.  It shows all the specials on at the moment at places like steam, Greenmangaming, GoG, and others.  You can also type the name of a game you want and it'll list it with price at each place so you can see whats the cheapest.  Better yet you can sign up for notifications for when said game goes on sale.  Its brilliant.


  1. I hope the last remaining days you spend with Kyo will be a great one, I would have also shake your hands for taking care of him for so long and also spoiling him with goodies.

    P.S: I am also almost at the age of 18, its pretty cool for me to know that me and Kyo are about the same age!

  2. Hey man sorry about your cat, i hope youre ok

  3. I'm so so sorry to hear about your cat, Con. Stay strong & best wishes to you.