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Thursday, February 20, 2014


So I didnt get to play it really.  I messed with the tutorial and watched Royce play it over at his place.  Didnt realize the beta was only on for a couple days or so.  But from what I experienced it isnt a game for me.  It's going to sell really well since the xbone users are twitching for something good to play thats exclusive (its on pc but they dont know this), so it'll be a sort of siege mentality in claiming its the greatest game to combat the ps4.  I do see most people losing interest in the long run though and going back to COD.  I think its got too many game mechanics that the average gamer wont want to learn and adapt to.  Thats my take though, it could sell 100 billion copies and be the top multiplayer game for the next decade so who am I to say.

Heres a short clip of my experience though.


  1. God you were right on this part. The first day was great. The mechanics were lacking such as gun damage, mech respawn and other things but it was fine. Second day and this game is just a pile of shit. It got boring very fast. I wanted to try out the campaign, turns out its a multiplayer campaign. There isnt a single player and its just doing the same shit like in normal multi but just adding cut scenes on the edge of my screen, I might as well play call of duty where the game isnt so terrible.

    1. I was pretty surprised at their decision to make the campaigns story bits as little windows on the side during multiplayer. Any idiot could tell you would miss heaps of them since you're trying not to get killed in pvp. Dumb. Absolutely dumb.