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Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Tomb Raider Definitive Version thoughts

So a while back they put up news about this new version and how it looks like it will only be on the ps4 and xbone.  I really wanted to know how much better it would be from the PC version but they were not showing video examples, just always ps3/xbox360 ones.  So now that its finally out I got to look through all the videos and screenshots and reviews and I can say pretty happily that I dont have any interest in this one coming to PC, which is probably why its only for consoles since I cant figure out why a PC gamer would want it.

When compared to the older consoles its pretty much night and day difference.  The game wasnt that pretty on the consoles.  But yes if you own a ps4/xbone and you either never played it before, played it only on the previous gen consoles, and also do not own a pc that can run it, I'd say its totally worth grabbing.  They didnt just improve some graphics, but from the looks of it redesigned entire levels from scratch to support the new updated look.  Which is a huge amount of time and money spent just on a facelift.  That confuses me some.

So regarding the PC version, I went and got some screenshots that really show some of the changes between the two versions.

The first 3 screens show off Lara's new model.  I absolutely hate it.  Look at the face.  Especially in that second screen.  Everything about it is off.  The lips dont look right, the nose doesnt fit, the eyes, oh my god the eyes.  She looks like a zombie.  The expressions she makes in the games now look hollow and empty.  She looks like she's had a bunch of botox and surgery done so that now little on her face moves like it used to.  I think its absolutely horrible.

The last 2 are mostly about particle effects.  They say they added more.  Oh sure theres more than the previous consoles 100%.  But compared to the PC version not so much.  The camp fire has more little sparks which is nice.  Though in that explosion shot you'll see theres more particles in the PC version.  One thing that bugged me was the colours they have in the new version.  Its over saturated.  I like extra colour.  But its off in this.  Look at the rainy sky.  You cant even see the rain in the definitive version because of the crush that the contrast gives.  Ignoring that you can manually change the saturation in the PC version, but why would you want to make it look like that?

Overall if you already have this for PC, dont worry about the new Definitive version on consoles.  If you dont have a PC and spent all your money on the new consoles, then go for that.  The graphics are 10 times better than the ps3/360.  But that new Lara head....eeeeeeewwwwwwww.

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