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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Stabby stab tomorrow

So while I was at the doctors the other day on a nothing thing I decided to get an appointment to check my blood levels and my fatness rating.  Usually good to go and check once a year or whatever.  I need to make sure the exercise I've been doing now and then is enough to offset the stupid amount of cake and takeaway food I eat.  I may not be fat on the inside, but my blood may be fat on the inside.  Not interested in getting a surprise heart attack out of the blue!  Only thing that annoys me is I cant eat anything from early evening the night before.  So that delicious pavlova thats waiting in the fridge will have to wait.

The stupid post is now screwing with me.  My crap was sent on the 20th, left America on the 25th and.......nothing.  Still waiting on an update from tracking.  I dont get it.  18 days now.  Thats the usual length it takes for something to reach me.  Should of been in the country at least by now.  USPS is beyond useless.

Also WHERE THE HELL is my camera!  God damn store!  They claimed it should of been back from repairs on monday.  Calling tomorrow and abusing.  Everyone seems to be trying to screw with my patience lately.  At least I met this guy whos a lecturer at the local university.  Said he's going to supply me with some direct numbers to scout in for possible administration roles.  He claims its the best way to get my foot in the door by making them know I exist instead of just sending in form after form after form.  Which has been beyond useless for me.  So fingers crossed something comes out of it.  I so need a job badly.  Shut up credit card.

Jed update:  He still smells like a hobo.

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