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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Gamescon stuff

Honestly I havent really been following it.  Its no different to what I do during E3 or tokyo game show, and thats wait till the next day to see the videos of the games and bypass all the blaaaaaaaaaaaaah.  I'd probably mention few things impress me.  However the video for Rime for the ps4 looked unbelievable.  Absolutely floored me.  I am so hoping that one turns out good since I'm a little unsure about the dev.  But got my fingers crossed.  Wild also looks interesting.  I'm also a massive Silent Hill fan and am completely thrilled that Del Toro is involved in it.  Just wish I knew how involved.  Also still pissed Yamaoka is gone.  The music hasnt been the same since he left.  But we'll see how it goes.  At least this game cant be more disappointing than Downpour was.

I finally got my canvas today.  So happy.  Useless USPS is the slowest ever. Took it to the store to get it set.  When its ready I'll slap it on my wall and take a picture.  Still need to figure out which wall and which spot.  Also got an email saying my stuff from Battle Systems has been sent.  Cant wait to create my little bases with it.  Plan to throw in my AvP miniatures when I get them too.  Just a shame they'll come unpainted.  Maybe I can do it or find someone locally.  We'll see.

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