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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Rise of the Tomb Raider, Xbone Exclusive -_-

Fucked right off about this.  To be frank it makes absolutely no sense to go down this route.  If you're going to go console exclusive you may as well choose the one with the biggest user base and hopefully most powerful.  This would be the ps4.  But xbone? No.  The only reason this is happening is because MS handed them a stupid amount of money.  Pretty disgusted.  We'll see if its a timed exclusive and at least comes to the PC later or something.  I though it was bad enough that the new shitty model they're sticking with from the definitive version was going to stay, what with her botoxed face and limited expressions compared to the previous excellent model.  Now this?  Enjoy selling less units this time round you retards.  I have no intention of picking up an xbone for 1 game.  Not happening. Also fuck you crystal dynamics.

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