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Saturday, August 9, 2014

2 Ice creams later

I've eaten way too much...  But thats how I get when I watch episodes of stuff.  Especially when catching up on The Haunted.  Love that stuff.  Oh, my stupid package finally made it into my country on friday.  Only took 18 days.  PATHETIC!!  But the best part about it is that since it got here on a friday, that meant it would sit in sydney until monday before it started to make its 3-4 day trip to me as our posttal service, not content with being stupidly expensive, doesnt run on weekends.  Because FUCK YOU is the reason we're all given.  Unbelievable is what it is.  I also got my blood test done the other day.  Now to just wait on the results.  Lets see what sexiness it brings.

I also went to this silly conference thing.  They get like 11 people, though in this case it was only 8, and they ask us a bunch of questions for 2 hours regarding politics and our thoughts on how the politicians were doing in our area.  2 hours of our time and they'd hand us some money.  Now I know absolutely nothing about politics or who is who or where or whatever.  But I'm in desperate need of money so I figured I'd be able to speak shit and manage.  I pulled out a few things I knew, listened to the others, and then made up some rubbish on the spot every time.  Only one time I had no idea what to say and just shrugged saying my memory is sometimes shit, sorry.  Got my money and left.  Though I did meet this guy there whos a lecturer at the university and asked him about possible positions there as I have been having no luck whenever I apply.  We exchanged emails and he sent me some contact numbers.  If the universe is finally tired of shitting on my face, maybe something will come of this.  I'll do some calls on monday.

For now heres a picture that pretty much explains men.

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