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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

2 Years Ago Today

Today marks the second year when I lost my best friend.  Even 2 years down the road its still hard to put into words what life without him is like.  I haven't come to terms with it fully and dont think I ever will.  I do know that my outlook on life and the world around me is drastically different to what it was before he died.  Far more pessimistic.  Far more...far more loathing.  Kyo meant the absolute world to me.  I still think about him every day.  I still shed some tears over him fairly often.  I did my best to spend as much time with him as I could.  Even going outside at 3 in the morning to see where he was relaxing and then play with him some.  Not having a good camera in the early years of his life is something I'm still furious about as I'd love to have had some pictures of him back then.  But I was still unsure what to make of him since I'd never owned a pet before.  Still, theres 100s of pictures and dozens of video I took over a period of most of his life.  Still wish I had more.  I mean its the only thing I have left of him.  So much I'd like to say but it would just be all over the place.  In the end I miss him terribly and life is just not the same.  I wish he was still here.

Onto a happier memory, this as him doing his best godzilla impersonation while attacking a dangerous hanging string.  I miss you, you vicious little bastard.

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