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Monday, July 13, 2015

Magical Car

Today I get to do something really cool.  Drive through traffic to take my car to the garage, a car that likes to turn off on its own.  Generally its chosen times of joy are while I'm at the traffic lights, or when I'm about to start the car.  It only just started doing this the other day.  I'm guessing its something simple like a spark plug or most likely the fuel filter needs changing.  Either way wish me luck.

I've also had a couple failed attempts at fixing my scratched painting.  I tried markers at first.  This was ok for a couple bits but not all.  I couldnt get the right colour to fit.  Plus it was a little too shiny.  Then I decided I'd try water paints since they would blend in and look a little duller.  Unfortunately this was a worse option.  So now I've bought proper dull paint thats for this very purpose.  Should be easier to mix colours together to get exactly what I need or close enough to look good.  I'll probably fail this one too but you cant fault me for trying.

Also I have some massive news I plan to share in a few weeks or so depending on how a few things go.  I think you'll be pretty excited.  And no, Jeds not getting a sex change.

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