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Monday, October 31, 2011

Bleh bleh and bleh

Well the past few days have been more then entertaining.  My useless sister is still here after a month with no sign of leaving.  Will need to get in my dads ear so he can push her forward cause only he can fully get her out. 

Yesterday I checked my online banking to pay off some bills and low behold there were a few transactions I never made at some apple store in sydney.  $274 worth.  Awesome.  Banks cancelled my credit card and sending me a new one, and now I have to wait for them to give my money back which could take anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months.  See how it goes.  Just very frustrating since I'm not working and money is getting low now.  If I was working I'd just shrug this off and wait to be reimbursed. This also means I'll have to get money off dad to pay the vet bill tomorrow since I dont have access to my accounts.  I hate taking money off my parents and rarely do.  Bleah.

Checking some video clips of a game review Jed and I are making and realized that something was 'off'.  Almost all HUD related text in the game is almost impossible to read.  At the end of each map theres stats and you cant even read them after I've compressed the clips.  In the original clips they're fine.  But no matter what method I use to compress, the outcome is the same.  This hasnt happened for any other game before so I'm completely stumped.  This is going to make the clip look a bit more shit then I'd prefer.

Top it all off, I stuffed up and somehow didnt realize, despite thoroughly checking everytime I order stuff from overseas, that the 4th season of the original Twilight Zone tv series bluray, is set to region A only and not region free like I expected.  So its semi useless to me unless used on my pc bluray reader.  So no playing it in the lounge or lending it to friends.  Good going Con!!

At least I've got some enjoyment with battlefield 3 lately.  That game really is so much fun.  Way better then Bad Company 2 by a zillion.  Its got more of a BF2 feel.  And the stages are incredibly.  There was this one epic moment where I was on a high hill lying down at the top as I was creeping into enemy territory.  Out of fucking nowhere a jet zoomed UP from below and exploded JUST above my head.  Rocked my entire world.  My friend was laughing as I freaked.  So wish I was recording but I never record when playing single player. 

Heres a random pic for you.

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