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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Its a late thursday

Today I thought it was friday.  I'm pretty glad it isnt as a friend of mine is moving state on sunday.  So we're planning to FEAST tomorrow, which is friday, before he heads off.  I look forward to much numnum food.  I'd be saving my money since I'm not working still, but this is an exception I can do.

Took my cat to the vet today, had an appointment after 2 weeks from last time.  He's doing heaps better.  Still trying to get rid of all of his issues but he's coming along fine.  My dads fronting the bill since I'm super low after having spent over 3 grand on vet bills in the last 6months bringing my cat back from deaths door step.  Pretty happy he is or I'd be putting it on the credit card.  If I'm really really lucky I only have 2 more trips over the next month and he'll be good.  Fingers crossed as always.

I spent most of today editing the next L4D playthrough clip.  Was much easier since I knew all the little tricks I used to get the first one sounding less shit.  Once I'm happy with it I'll upload it and hope to hell youtube doesnt decide to go and fuck with it.  Maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday I noticed a sale going on a bunch of childrens books I've always wanted.  Peter Rabbit collection in this awesome casing, Roald Dahl childrens book collection, and a few others.  I'm hoping the sales last a while so I can grab them when I'm working again.  Always wanted them.  Would be awesome to keep and oneday hand them to my kids if I ever decide to get around to having any.  At the very least they'd be awesome gifts to whatever friend I decided was worth blessing their kids with.

Friend tossed me this earlier today.  I thought it was pretty cool.  I'd link the picture but its pretty long in size, so just jump to the weblink..


  1. I really didn't expect the kid to be torn to shreds! XD I'm guessing the girl ran back to the woods. This is sort of off topic, but have you ever tried Minecraft? I read that you like to create things and I know you like fighting games, so I think it would be perfect for you and Jed to play.

    1. Nope. I might at some stage but no real urge.

  2. This is gonna sound soooooo blonde (but that's nothing unusual for me) ... I don't get it :S