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Friday, January 27, 2012

So hot

Its hot.  Horribly hot.  And humid.  Oh god is it humid!  I just hide in my room all day lately because of it.  Cant wait for this stupid monsoon season to end.  Another month or two bleah.

My cat is heaps better.  He's hardly clawing himself to death anymore, the infection at his ear is gone, he's still not gaining weight as fast as I would like, but he's spritely and playful and good again.  Except the other day...  It was the 1 day I decided I should go to sleep early instead of staying up till 6am keeping an eye on him until my parents woke up.  Well about 12:30am I decided to sleep.  Yeah thats considered early to me.  3:30am I woke up wide awake.  I sensed something.  Opened the door, saw my cat walking down the hallway.  I'm thinking ok he must of heard me get up and walked to the kitchen to show me he's hungry.  But I decide to just check the spare room since he's been sleeping on the bed there lately.

BOOM!  I noticed he urinated on the bed.  Just then too.  Most of it was still ontop of a couple plastic wrapped things I had on there.  Only a little had seeped onto the covers.  I quickly removed a few things I had on the bed and wrapped the thick covers up along with a couple of things I had on that were drenched and quickly took it downstairs.  Unfortunately I wasnt fast enough and a bit had seeped onto the mattress.  No tmuch, like a small hands worth area of slight dampness.  So for the next 3 hours I cleaned the tiles of the room and the bed, mop, sponges, and steam mop, just basically trying to clean and destroy any kind of germs he'd left.  Then my mum woke up and her fury was unrivaled. 

The covers we've decided to throw out, as were a couple of my things.  The plastic wrapped item was this cool magnetic parting fly screen.  You just stick it to the outside of the door frame and it keeps everything out but parts easy if you push against it.  Oh well.  I'm NOT cleaning that.  Yeah it was protected, but I'm not opening those covers to go diving in for it.  My life will be complete without it.   The cat knew he'd been bad though but its not his fault.  Noone was up to let him out and my parents door was closed with the aircon.  Yesterday though he was awesome.  He jumped up on their bed, which he hasnt done since he was a kid, and woke up my mum by mewing.  She let him outside and off he went and then returned when finished.  Awesome cat.

I'll end this off with something I saw that made me lol.  This is why guys get frustrated.


  1. Woman logic..........fucking hate those bitches. I have a folder from a certain website.
    Ive said to much.

  2. I mean I have a folder full of decent woman logic.
    I hate those certain girls I meant.

  3. Obviously she was lying then. Idk why there's so many lying fucks on this planet, I'm sick of it.

  4. Attention whores, we all know one.