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Monday, January 16, 2012

Its the time to be jolly

Oh its late, but I work under my own time.  Also, I had to upload this twice because the first time youtube didnt behave.  I hope you all enjoy it.  I've also made a special gift for you all with my renowned MSPaint skillz!  My next clip should hopefully be a L4D related one, if Jed manages to give me his clips sometime this year.


  1. ...what will you call this insane new Rudolph?

  2. XD at: Chris!......(camera dude whispers in background) .....Saint Nicholas! Btw, who is your cameraman? Is he Royce from the L4D?

  3. Yes thats royce. I was about to say Chris Cringle and my brain stopped me cause I thought that sounded wrong lol. Everything I do is on the fly. Zero script.

    Rudolph will probably just be rudolph to me. I'd like to think thats how the real one is.