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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Little to nothing

So not too much happening lately.  Cat had his weekly trip to the vets.  They gave him a couple injections for his issues and sent me home with pills.  So I'm basically doing my best to get his health problems back under control.  Even at night when he goes outside for a toilet run I go with him and make sure theres no other cats in the yard.  I've had to chase out a couple too.  By chase I pretty much mean walk a couple steps towards them and they bolt.

I DID notice though a possum coming into the yard and eating left over slices of bread that my dad throws out to feed the doves in our area.  I caught him clinging to the top of the fence line with my cat sitting below just staring up at him.  He ended up walking off after a while as he got bored or something, possum just happily clinging up there.  I took a photo of him lol

While screwing around outside I decided to take a picture of one of my mums many little garden sections that she decked out with some lights since I knew she'd like one.  It was pitch black so it gave me a chance to try and figure out how to use my camera better.  I've had this damn Panasonic G2 for like a year and a half or whatever and its still tricky to figure out.  I think I'm doing better.  I just wish I had a better lens for zooming.  But they're expensive.  Possum photo was also done with the same camera.  My quickshot sony TX-10 isnt good enough for night shots.  Well, not compared to my expensive one.


  1. Better than my crappy camera. But aww, at least the possums there are cute. Here they look so vicious and scary, and hiss.

  2. hahahahahaha atleast you have a possum from where you live here we have nothing xD