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Monday, February 27, 2012

Danger 5

Argh so frustrated!!  There was a new series starting on our local SBS tv channel here called Danger 5.  It started tonight and I totally and completely forgot about it.  No rerun sadly because the channel just wants to piss me off.  I'm hoping it gets uploaded to a torrent or something in the next few days so I can watch it.  Heres the trailer for it..

 Its the sort of humour that grabs me and pulls me in. If you're curious about watching more they uploaded a web episode onto youtube a while back. Its sliced into 5 parts so just head to the link if you want to watch it. The show is about 20min long I think.

Danger 5 youtube web ep


  1. That was......gosh, I can't find any words to describe that. Reminds me of The Three Stooges for some strange reason. Anyway, I had a same type of thing going on. Was wanting to watch the new episode of The Walking Dead, but forgot completely about it. I feel like Megatron in your Christmas special. :I

  2. You can watch the episode online!!

  3. If you like Danger 5 you should check out another show the makers made called Italian Spiderman, that is if you are cool with Italian or find subtitles for it XD

    1. Italian spiderman was awesome. Its actually the same guy who made this series. Supposedly they were in talks to make it into a series but a few things fell through and it never happened. At least Danger 5 was thankfully.