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Friday, February 10, 2012


So today I finally completed Uncharted 3.  Good game.  Lots fun.  Not as good as the second game but thats hard to do since 2 was godly as all hell.  Now I can get back to playing Shogun 2.  I've neglected that way too long.  Like about 400 other games I have.  Still trying to finish some from 15 years back.  I'll get to them.  I get to everything.  Slowly.

So I've decided to start using pictures of myself when posting so everyone knows its me.  Jed plans to do the same.  Then again he might post a big breasted anime girl for all I know.  Actually he probably will.  I just hope he doesnt photoshop his head onto it.  I dont think I could survive that.  I'm also planning to make an intro for my toy theatre clips.  Just need to find the right song for me to 'sing' over.  In my head its going to sound awesome.  In reality it'll probably sound horribly horribly bad, which also makes it awesome.

Speaking of photoshop, I recently remembered an idea I had for the background of this blog.  And thats only because I was rifling through my folders and found some long forgotten saved pics.  I might whip up an example background just for you all to have a little laugh at.  I'll warn you, its extremely suave.  In the meantime heres a lol picture I saw posted on a forum.

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  1. You should try the song Trogdor...<<; Even if you don't choose it, you'd have a good laugh listening to it.