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Friday, February 24, 2012

Vita and StraightTalk

So the Vita has launched and I can't help but notice I haven't sold one of those things in our store yet. Even I didn't get one despite how cool that little thing seems to be. Cost seems to be a big factor of course. $250 and at least a $20 memory card is alot of money..than $40 games?! No thanks. Its a no brainer that this thing will get a price drop soon and maybe even a revised version.

Of course it could have really did without some features like GPS and 3G. Is someone seriously going to use this thing to drive around town with? With the battery life I hope their destination isn't anymore than 20 mins away.

Now for some new and exciting news! Has anyone here heard of StraightTalk? Its a prepaid service that allows $45 unlimited talk, text, and 3G data. For the longest time though their phones were.."Meh" at best. No Nexus for them. Well, thats about to change!

I had a meeting with our rep today who shared some awesome news. StraightTalk is getting some 15-20 new Android Phones for their service. Starting at $88 to $400. Depending on how awesome of a phone you want. The phones you select will also decide what towers they run on. As of right now StraightTalk will have AT&T, Version and Sprint phones all available by years end. All with UNLIMITED 3G data. But AT&T and Verizon will throttle you data after it hits 3gb.

Now for the truly awesome news. In March StraightTalk will start selling $15 SIM cards at Wal-Mart stores. You can put these cards in ANY GSM phone and it'll be converted to run on StraightTalk's service. Want out of your contract but want to keep your Samsung Captivate? No problem! Buy this SIM and you are good to go. A bill of $80 goes down to $45. I am looking forward to seeing this take place.


  1. Nice to know. Though I'm stuck with a tracfone and a DS. :P

  2. You'd think by now there would be a price drop considering it originally came out in Japan last year around Christmas time,but I even remembering that we actually had to complain a bit for Sony to lower the original price of the memory cards.

  3. That sounds pretty awesome. Once I'm no longer able to leech off my friend's T-mobile employee plan, I'll definitely look into this.