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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Old animated films

I like to think I was extremely lucky to grow up in the 80s.  It really had some of the best things ever in terms of movies, cartoons, games etc.  The only problem with the 80s was everything was on VHS.  Some of the best stuff I grew up with never got a DVD release for whatever stupid retarded reason the companies that own the rights to have.  Some things did get the treatment, like my beloved 'Monkey' live action series, which I grabbed the dvd set of, and even such series as Ulysses 31 and Mysterious Cities of Gold, and I cand forget Watership Down.

A few though didnt. Heidi's Song being one of them.  I still to this day dont understand why its not on DVD.  Thankfully you can still watch it online like at youtube.  Link below has the full movie.

 I loved that film to death.  Wish there were better quality versions.  Theres also another movie that I finally found today that not many people know.  It was a japanese version of the Aladdin tale.  I have no idea where my VHS tape went.  Probably in the same place my Heidi's Song tape went.  Given to younger cousins by my mother long long ago.  This was called Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp, or Aladdin to Maho no Lamp, as it was known for the japanese.  Theres a few other titles but those are the two main ones.  This film at just over an hour was glorious.  I've seen it so many times.  To buy it now is pretty much impossible.  But thank the gods someone uploaded a good quality version of it on youtube.  Sadly some bastard slapped in hard coded swedish subs that you cant turn off, but its a small price to pay to still be able to have this.

I'm still scouring the net for better quality copies or even any originals.  But for now this will do me.  I really really love this film.  Easily my favourite Aladdin story retelling.  Yes I prefer it to the disney one, but thats me.


  1. I never watched Heidi's Song (since I was born 10 years later) but I always know that the old and classic movies are always the best. I feel sorry for those born much more recently. At least these DVDs and Youtube videos will keep them as entertained as us =D.

  2. Hello. I have uploaded the video of heidi to youtube. I have a better version, but I have no idea of how I could improve the quality. If you have information on how I could, comment on my video.

    Glad that you like it as much as I do.


    1. I dont think its easy to improve it. I tried running it through some filters to improve it, but aside from the lighting I really couldnt fix much more with the sound or improve the picture much. But its better to have it. Excellent film, loved it so much. Glad I can still enjoy it today.