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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentines JOY

So today is valentines day. I love this day, but all for the wrong reasons.  Today is the day I get to watch 2 sets of friends.  One set doing their absolute best stressing out on gifts to buy their girlfriends and then setting up romantic stuff to entertain them so their girls dont get all pissed at them for not doing something, and the other half who complain and sulk about being single.

The single friends are my favourites.  They're the ones who always give me grief about me enjoying being single.  Non stop shit from them.  So today they just sulk and cry about being single.  So I prod at them relentlessly.  Are you enjoying the single life?  Want a girlfriend?  ARE YOU SAD?!  Its glorious.  I love being single.  I'm way less stressed then all my friends for a reason.  I like to think thats the reason.

So anyway, aside from that I've also gone and made a valentines day clip, as retarded as always.  People usually ask why do I play with toys.  Two reasons.  1, I find it entertaining since I dont feel like acting like a boring 50 year old who does nothing but work all day and then collect stamps or watch current affair programs for the rest of my day.  2, I cant draw or animated so this is the next best thing for me to create shit.  As always at my friends house since they're all his.


  1. lol I agree with what you said. Being single is awesome and stress-free and all my friends stressing over their girlfriends or from being single were suffering a lot.