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Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Okay, little secret about me. I loved StarFox as a kid. It still has a soft spot in my heart. So one day I was watching the Nintendo Power Magazine episode of Angry Video Game Nerd and he mentioned a R-Wing cut out of the StarFox squad.

Saaaaay whaaaaaaa? Here is where I blow a kiss to google. Thanks to the power of the internet, which I own, I found this little website here.

I have the prints on paper, I got the materials for construction, and my body is ready. I will make the best Star Fox battles in history on my ceiling! PEW PEW!! -Jed


  1. He's going to make one of Krystal with custom naked painting. I know this. SICK BASTARD!

  2. AH MAN. You ruined tomorrows blog post now!! Jerk.

  3. Jed, have you heard about the Star Fox, Metroid crossover game that is rumored to be in development? I'm all for it honestly... as long as samus doesn't talk..

  4. I did get word of that a couple days ago. Real mixed feelings about it. Fox is Space Battles and Samus is ground. Could be a match made in heaven. Maybe. I loved the Prime games though. I have a promotion banner of it hanging in my room.

  5. The only Starfox game I had ever played besides Smash Bros was this one where you have a small purple dinosaur or something as a partner and you rescue a blue female wolf from giant green lizards...for some reason, I still remember 2 things from it: There was a giant stone guy and a game you could play "to get more scarabs". What was the game even called?

    1. That would be Starfox Adventures on the gamecube. I think I got halfway or so before I got bored and stopped playing.

  6. I built that Nintendo Power paper R-wing back in the day. Took a little bit of Scotch tape, but it came out pretty decent.