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Saturday, May 26, 2012

"That says Fenner"

I am convinced the vet is lying to me. He claims my dog, Cloe, is over weight! Its not true. She is not too BIG the world is too SMALL. Though I suppose she could go for a few less pounds..So I decided to walk her more! For myself and for her. We'll be weight loss buddies!

So 3 days ago I put her on a leash and headed down the road for a brisk  run in the cool evening air. I was very proud of her. She got to the end of our yard before running out of breath. NEW RECORD. By the time we reached 300ft I was pulling her by the collar to keep on going.

Every time the leash would tighten I would say "Come on Cloe! You can do it girl!" and she would make a quick couple steps to respond to my motivation and then slow back down to a panting crawl. James, who was walking with us that day, noticed something big in the bushes at the side of the road.

As I came over to help investigate our mouths laughed as we seen a stop sign complete with road sign and pole just tossed away. Now, I don't mind a prank but a stop sign? Thats just stupid right there. Someone could really be hurt by that. So being the awesome citizen I am I called the Sheriff's department. He took down my name and home address and asked if we could carry the sign back to our home for pick up. I am not sure if he understood me when I said "its the entire sign fixture. Pole and all."

We threw it over our shoulders and started to walk home. When almost half way there I could see a Police car diving towards us. Ah, its the Sheriff now. Now you would think two guys, carrying a street sign, would be suspicious. Not around here I guess. Would you believe that the Sheriff drove right by us? He quickly slams on the breaks and pops his car in reverse when he looked back and realized what we had.

"Are you the guys that called about the sign?"

James and I just looked at each other. "Yeah that be us."

"..that sign says Fenner?"

I guess at some point, after telling the police department I found Fenners sign on Diven Rd, that got translated into we have Diven's sign on Diven rd. The officer said he needs to go to Fenner right away and see what can be done there. The county will be coming to pick up the sign if we could leave it laying out for them. That was of course 3 days ago. We still have the sign. I guess no one really cares.


  1. There used to be a crazy guy that I lived next to... He stole street signs and displayed them in his yard must have had over 50 at one point.. idk how he never got in trouble

  2. Use this time to make a horrible joke on the sign maybe? I mean, there's a thousand lyrics for it...Hammertime, in the name of love, don't () believing...

    Or maybe they just decided to get a whole new sign instead. You know how wasteful the US is, lol.

  3. Did they pick it up yet? o.o

  4. They picked it up just yesterday. Cop says they'll call the County to get it. County comes by and says they don't want it. It belongs to the state. So the State comes by and takes it quickly without a thank you and drives off.