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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Special creation

You know you ask Jed to upload you some l4d playthrough clips so I can make the new video, and he sends me half of them and in broken order.  Everyone say thanks to Jed!

So a few months back I had a strange request.  A user on youtube asked me if I could create him something Francis and a random quote of mine he'd chosen and sign it as a christmas gift for a friend of his.  I've never entertained the idea of autographs because frankly my autograph is worthless and I feel like if I were to do these I'd be making it seem like I'm totally full of myself.  But it was a request for a christmas present for his friend and this is really the only reason I did it.  Christmas and all that.

But halfway through making it I got an idea and decided to do something extra as a surprise.  Something retarded.  And the idea was born...  I got my friend to hold the camera  and then I went ahead with my shitty amateur photoshop skillz.  I finished them and printed them out on large photo paper and then signed them with a silver marker with a little message too.  Heres a picture of both of them.  From memory I THINK the large one was A3 size.  I dunno.

Well they received it recently and thankfully the post didnt rape it in any way.  Post is known to rape things.  Especially bendable things.  Dont like the rape.  I dont plan to make ones like this again though.  I mean ignoring that it cost me a bit to screw around and send off, I'd feel too stupid sending out my autographs and stuff.  So please dont ask me for one lol


  1. It's still a cool thing to do for a fan, even if it is a one time thing, it was a nice gesture

  2. Very nice. No one's ever wanted anything from me except for in a Secret Santa :P

    I can't do much anyhow. Even with saving every penny I've earned I'm still less than halfway to what I need just to start college.

    How is the economy there is Australia I wonder?

    1. Its not too bad. Could be better but its better than most places. I guess we're pretty lucky.