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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Latest toy clip

So today I decided to upload a video I made for easter.  Its actually been sitting on my system for the past couple weeks as I wasnt entirely happy with it.  I knew I could do far better but was also a little too lazy and disinterested in doing a better one.  So I thought what the hell and uploaded.  I've also done my own take on an Avengers clip which I've been meaning to do for months.  I just need to do an intro for it and then it can go up.  It also has nothing to do with the movie.

Regarding the Avengers, I watched it the other day.  Not bad.  I definitely preferred the Thor movie more but thats me since I'm a little biased.  But I totally loved that film and bought it.  Dont think I'll be buying Avengers until it comes out in like a special pack with other films, like avengers 2 or whatever.  Or if the movie is stupid cheap and has a shitload of awesome extras.  Then I can just fast forward to all the Thor parts.

For the people who have seen Avengers, would be really impressed if you didnt mention any specific bits of the film in case some others here havent seen it and plan to watch it.  Spoilers are such a bitch lol


  1. I really enjoy this playing of Toy Theatre.
    it had a very simple plot, it actually felt like a Saturday Morning Cartoon. :)

    on another note, me being not an Avengers fan (DC Comics for me) I enjoyed the fruits of Mr. Nolan as the 3rd trailer for TDKR hit the web Sunday, my heart still pounds with excitement, it was very good.
    Did you enjoy it?

    1. meant to say Monday! not Sunday, silly me :\

    2. I enjoyed Batman Begins and loved The sequel. Looking forward to this one too. The trailer doesnt excite me as much as Dark Knight did, but I'm sure it should be good to sit through since Nolan is doing it.

  2. I havent seen the avengers brothers went to see the movie without inviting me.......and now they keep on messing with me cause i didnt see the movie...
    Two faced sons of a witch...>.<
    Oh and enjoyed your toy theater...
    Otta con...

    1. Thats really nice of them. In a bastard way. They'll probably want to watch it again so maybe hassle them into going with you. Good film. And thanks lol