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Monday, December 31, 2012

You're a mean one Mr. Jed.

When at work you gotta try and have fun. If you don't try than you live a pretty depressing life. Thankfully I work with some rather cool guys who also share my immature sense of humor. Take for a example this guy named Chad. A man the same age as me but enjoys singing along out loud to the radio. Not for the personal satisfaction but to see the agony on other's faces when he can't keep a tune.

Well Ol'Chad was picking on me off and on this past week. Throwing little rolls of plastic at me when my back was turned or shutting off my power equipment at the moments I am most distracted. But you all know me. If I can fool thousands of people on Youtube that I saved Con's L4D character by sabotaging him with propane, I can surely get away with revenge.

You see at work we use these machines called PEs. Which just creatively stands for "Power Equipment". All they really are though are motorized Pallet Jakes.

As you can tell they have pretty long forks. This allows us to transport two pallets at a time. And on these pallets we place the merchandise ordered from various stores that need their stock replenished. So when lunch break was called over the intercom I paid close attention to where Mr. Chad had parked his stacks. And with a smile and a smirk I stealth mode myself over to them.

I separated his two very loaded pallets. Leaving one where it laid and relocated the other about 30 feet away but to the right lane. This way he just couldn't back one into the other. It would require him to gracefully reconnect them together with a little diving ingenuity.

Sure enough when he came back from lunch he knew he had been had. He looks around to see who had pranked him. When his eyes meet with mine he cursed out my name. I laughed in a way that would make Jafar impressed. And then as fast as my smile emerged I was driving away.

Now normally this would be a rather harmless prank but Chad wasn't building his stacks good that day. When he tried to reconnect them I am told his back stack fall apart and landed all over the floor. Something he had to hurry up and clean. All while everyone is waiting on him to finish so they can continue on with their own orders. Point is kiddies. Don't get even. Get ahead. And happy new year.


  1. Wow, imagine if he got into serious trouble with his boss... I suppouse you'd be miles ahead then but I doubt he'd still wish you a happy new year :P

  2. It's always fun to mess with people at work. Fortunately at my new workplace everyone's a character and we mess with each other for good reasons. xD

  3. When you were talking about the propane, were you referencing that one old death toll clip Jed?