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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Zip zip zoom

Hope everyone enjoyed their christmas!  I would of done something christmassy for the blog or a clip but I'm super lazy and dont have the will to bother lololol. 

You always think about presents during this time of year.  And I always think about the 2 things I really want to do one day.  Create a huuuuuuuuge room sized train set course with tunnels and villages and everything on a massive table.  And also another similar one but with slot car tracks.  There is no reason for either of these.  I'm no huge train fan, nor a big car fan.  But the kid in my has always wanted these.  The train one is just completely magical to me.  Chances of me doing either?  Most likely zero.  So I take my depression with me to bed every night.

I saw this on youtube the other day and I thought omg thats so cool.  Some guy took up his entire floor with a slot car race set.  Looked like so much fun.  The first one shows the track while they're racing.  The second clip shows it from the view point of one of the cars.  Its pretty unreal.

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