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Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Better or for Worse.

So Mr. Con has been raging at me lately for being a slacker. Never mind the fact I just got out of a Pet Hospital. Donated ANOTHER gallon of blood to his cat. He has this crazy vision to make it live forever! May just work. I am pretty special.

Whats really special though is whats been happening to me. After owning my first ever home I made a second very big step in my life. I put the world's smallest handcuffs on my finger and married the girl of my life. A little beauty named Katherine.

It was a rather small wedding. We tried to keep it that way so a lot of money would not have to be spent on food, events, entertainment etc. Its a big day sure but we wanted to make sure it wasn't too much for our families to handle.

The wedding took place in a small church in the center of the small town of Hillsboro. We even did things differently with who would marry us. We had a great guy named Jaden do it. Who is a older brother figure for Katherine since she was little. He is nice, moral, funny, and was pretty brave for stepping up to the task. Only messed up once!

After the ceremony the real party was set to begin! We thought long and hard (giggly) about where and how to hold the reception. We finally settled on the location that just seemed perfect for many reasons. A local bowling ally. The place of our first ever date.

And I know how weird that may sound. When I think of a bowling ally I think of a place that smells of shoes and full of men wearing plaid. Thankfully that is not the case here. Not only is the place new, jammed packed with Tvs, Arcade games, music and drinks. Its also attached to a fantastic grill restaurant. Which also had a banquet hall! Again, a perfect solution for us.

I've been to a couple weddings in my time and they can be pretty boring. Mostly people stand around and talk. Making small chat with others. People they have no interest in. Not here though. Tell a group of people they can have unlimited rounds of bowling with free food, games, club style dancing, while Gangnam Style blasts the speakers and you are now at one of my celebrations!

Needless to say it was a blast. I think everyone had a great time. Even our Photographer said it was the funniest wedding she's ever been to. Which I am very happy for. Even though it was a very special day for us, I didn't want to ignore the enjoyment of our guests.


 The only thing more tiring than a wedding is a honeymoon. It took a long time to save up for this but turns out a guy can save a lot of money when he isn't with someone. And for a long time I wasn't. So with money set aside in my personal savings, I went an got a couple tickets to somewhere magic. I'll post about that next. ;)


  1. Congratulation! Is cody the next who gets married? ;) Or will con finally get a wife :P?

  2. Congratulations dude! :D

  3. congratulation Jed. Too bad you can't make your House into a Moonshine factory.

  4. Oh man, that sucks, i was gonna marry you..


  6. both look so happy together. You both have the same look in your eyes and it's the perfect sign...

  7. "I went an got a couple tickets to somewhere magic." You're going to Con's house for a slumber party?

  8. :O HOLY CRAP, CONGRATULATIONS.... Wow didn't know you got married until now of course. Wow congrats man, you two look great together :)

  9. congratulations jed!

    I am paper. Really happy for you. best wishes. ^^

  10. Congrats, Jed. You don't know me (I'm Badrats Studio from Magicbox Forum). Now are you sure Con will never haunt you after your marriage ? :p

    You're on your own now, Con !

    1. Its how I prefer things! He was cramping my style with his girly wedding talk.

  11. Enjoy it while you can....Cause time flies.But congrats Jed. Hope you guys are very happy together! =)

  12. Thanks everyone for the best wishes and congrats. Being married isn't all that bad! Did you know, you can hit your wife as much as you wont as long as its open palm? Its totally awesome!...I kid I kid of course.