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Monday, December 10, 2012


This weeks had its ups and downs.  I'd decided to ask my friend if I could grab a dvd set I'd lent him about 6 years back.  It was the Robotech Protoculture set.  I love that series and watched it when I was around 12 or so like most people.   Its amazing the impressions you get as a kid when watching something.  Discovering it for the first time on the video shelf and wondering what it is, grabbing it and later finding out there are actually more to the series and you didnt know about it.  Its a wondrous feeling  I dont get that feeling anymore sadly.  I honestly could write about 30 pages on this sort of topic if I let myself, but that would make a super boring post and much too much effort for me.

So the protoculture set was pretty much my baby.  I'd gotten the extended dvd set before it and before that the legacy set and before that the VHS tapes.  So when I asked my friend, who was also a huge fan, he said he didnt have it anymore and must of given it back.  There were only 2 people I could of handed it to and he was one of them.  The other guy blew me away by offering to buy me a new set since he knows my money situation isnt tickety boo, but I have issues when people buy me stuff.  Makes me uneasy.  Mind you I have zero problems buying heaps of crap for people so go figure.  So I searched the net and realized there was a new set out published in england, by A&E video.  They bought the rights after ADV imploded.  Two awesome things about this, it had some bonus extras the other set didnt, like an hour or so documentary with Macek talking about how he put the series together.  Second awesome thing, it happened to be half price that actual day.  I was like omg and grabbed it.  Next day friend tells me he found my protoculture set.  Oh its comedy gold!  Glad he found it, but I must have this new set too.  Wonder what to do with these older sets...

Caught up with a bunch of films and tv shows lately.  Watched Snow White and the Huntsman.  Only watched it for Thor, and I have to say that film was beyond stupid.  At least the CG was pretty godly.  But seriously fuck that writer.  I wanted to break someones legs because of it.  Preferably his.  Seriously, worst crap in ages.   It felt like a Uwe Boll movie with a budget, but thats slightly unfair as I somehow half enjoyed his Bloodrayne movie.  I dont know why.  But it was better then that shit.  Also FINALLY saw He-Man and the Masters of the Universe movie as it came out on bluray recently.  Huge fan of the original series in the 80s, and god knows how I never got around to watching it.  I also enjoyed it but most likely for the wrong reasons.  And today watched Paranorman.  New clay animation movie about a kid who can speak to ghosts.  I hadnt heard of it before till a friend of mine who worked on the film mentioned it to me.  Very excellent film.  Comedy was great.  Check out the trailer, I really recommend it.

One other thing I'd like to bring up is today we had a pretty strong earth tremor.  Usually we have small ones.  But this one, wow..  I was at a friends place and his home is ground based.  You only slightly feel tremors in those.  This one made parts of his room shake.  We were like wtf.  And then I remembered my house is an elevated one and I had a few things up high, like my priceless Thor vs Loki statue at the top of one of my bookcases.  I dreaded the worst as my house does shake some during little tremors, and this one wasnt little.  Got home and SOMEHOW nothing had fallen, not even things precariously positioned on something, nor my round fat angry bird that was perched on a few dvds.  I guess the building we're doing down stairs has given the house more support so it shook less.  I'm still very surprised.  If my Thor statue had fallen over and smashed I would of been beside myself.  My huuuuuuuge Alien statue is pretty well placed but had that magically broken, just fuck the entire world right there.  I'd be depressed for years.

So anyway the earthquake itself was pretty close.  And it was a 7.1 in strength so no surprise we felt it.  Heres a map of it.  I'm in Darwin at the bottom.  You can see its fairly closed.  Far closer than usual.

If you ever feel like tracking any nearby earthquakes, just go to this link.


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  1. Most we get here in New York are fracking earthquakes...nothing like leaving giant air bubbles under the earth's surface.