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Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So it ends TODAY!  And by ends I dont mean the world, I'm talking about all this stupid end of the world rubbish we've had to put up with for the past few years.  Most people should hopefully know by now but the mayan calendar ended back in june or july or whatever, since they never counted leap years.  The only GOOD thing about all this is all the awesome specials happening in stores.  Loving it!  Just wish I had money to buy EVERYTHING!

For those who are still convinced the world is ending, feel free to send me all your money through the donate button on the side.  Also, I may have to force myself to play L4D2 with a few new friends just so I can play some custom maps that caught my eye over time.  Shame no one makes shit for the first game.  Thanks modders!  Way to focus on the inferior sequel! 


  1. Dude why do you think l4d2 is an inferior sequel? I've spent literaly hundereds of hours in both these games and while l4d2 is not a huge leap forward (like, say, half-life 2 is to half-life 1), it's still a great game!
    If you really don't like the characters that much, you can just get skins and voice overs with the original survivors! Wouldn't that solve your problems?
    Oh yea, btw, since you live in Australia, do you have the censored copy of l4d2? If that's the case, I can see why you're not enjoying it, lol...

    1. I'm just gonna take a stab at this, but it might be for the same reason people like the original of a game and not the sequels. People feel nostalgia with Pokemon Yellow and every change is something they miss from the first game. Games like Spyro had plenty of flaws but changes just made it feel like something was missing. And even if you mod a game back to original's not the same, you had to majorly change it to make it like the old one, when honestly you would much rather play the old one.

      I could be COMPLETELY wrong. I probably am. xD

    2. Its a bit of everything. Yeah the characters to me are horrid. So is the voice acting. Modding the game with the original characters takes a lot of effort and time, and I'm fairly slack. But once you've done that you'll notice the character models themselves have less movement than they did in the first. They're like 2 blocks instead of segmented parts. Its insulting.

      After that the stages are just crappy. Too bright, too colourful, not creepy at all. Not fun for me either. The music is probably what I hate the most in the game. Aside from a couple weapons, theres pretty much nothing I like about the sequel. Playing it actually gets me angry over time. But there are some really made fan maps that came out lately and I do want to give them a shot. Hopefully good stages will distract me from the rest of the crap.

      To be fair the only thing I like is the versus mode. For some reason thats fun. But only if I'm playing with friends.

    3. Maybe what you need to do is find an even worse game and play it when you get frustrated with l4d2, and try and abstain from l4d. It's how I'm tolerating playing TES: Arena, despite that I was born just after the DOS age (though my dad designed DOS games for a living).

    4. Thats a bit tricky since I avoid bad games lol. There are way too many good games to play then waste my time on worse stuff. The Dos age was glorious. You can find plenty of brilliant games from the 80s and 90s over at, one of the best sites ever.

    5. Yeah, I completely agree that l4d2 campaigns are pretty colourful and not really creepy (save for Dark Carnival if you happen to be afraid of clowns), but in all honesty, l4d1 wasn't really creepy or scary. The only scary part is when you're 100m from the safe room and close to dying and the tank spawns :P

    6. Yep, the game didnt scare me. But I could appreciate its atmosphere. It did things right. Plus the stage designs were really good. I'm also not one of those that finds clowns scary. I think the only people who do are americans for some reason lol

    7. I do respect DOS after watching my dad play Wolfenstein and making a minutely-animated screen-bouncing bird that caught a pixel worm. But I guess I was raised on sprites in Pokemon games.

    8. Yea, I was also shocked the first time I found out some people are actually afraid of clowns, didn't know it was an American thing tough... By the way, do you have the censored version of l4d2? Or did you somehow manage to get the uncensored edition?

    9. I bought the game online so it wasnt censored. But the best thing about PC games is you can edit them in ways you like. If I were to buy the censored PC version all I'd have to do is go into one of the files of the game and changed 2 numbers to a different one, switching the games region. It would instantly uncensored everything. Now console you cant do that, but thats your own fault for playing an fps on a console lol