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Sunday, October 27, 2013

It tastes like glitter

I've got a penchant for always looking at things closely.  Whether it be a joypad or a remote control or even a glass of water, I always look at it to make sure its not gross.  If it is I either clean it or refuse to touch it if its not mine.  Water though you cant really clean that.  Although its rare, sometimes you're offered a glass of water or you pour yourself a cup and omg theres a hair in it.

Lately I've noticed little flecks in the water.  Our water is usually very clean so I was unsure if it was that or just something to do with the bottle etc.  But a couple weeks back or so I filled up the water container and looked into it and noticed little bits of stuff.  Maybe the rain had something to do with stirring things up, not sure.  But it annoyed me greatly.  So I went shopping for a couple things I've always been curious about.

I grabbed these.  The first one was an easy installation on the kitchen tap.  Water trickles out of it at about half the power since its being filtered inside.  But you can switch it back so the water pours out strongly and ignores the filtered device.  Thats useful for certain things.  But the second container thing, that one is awesome.  Fill it up, water trickles down the middle part and is all clean and waiting for you.  Its just so fresh and CRISP tasting.  One of the best things I've ever bought.  The filters last for about 3months or so.  Theres a little LED indicator that will tell you when it needs to be replaced.  It'll cost like $40-50 or something a year on filters which is nothing when taking into account how nice the water tastes.  So yeah, thumbs up from me.  BRITA, I love you.

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  1. Yeah I have one of those. The separate filter one is better because it takes time to filter the water, rather than just run it through the sink directly like the other attachment one does.