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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The redesigning of Darth Vader

So theres this website.  There always is a website.  This one is showing designs from artist on how they would have drawn Vader were he had been created in todays period.  Some are pretty cool.  Some are pretty not so cool.  And theres one legendary one in the middle that looks like a big turtle.  Hes my favourite.  Heres the website if you're curious..

So I thought to myself why dont I draw my own version. So with that wretched idea I went ahead and took inspiration from the world around me, specifically transformers and Grievous.  Firstly I would like to mention that I have no artistic talent.  Secondly I would like to stress that I have absolutely no artistic talent.  Ignoring the penguin on a shark I did in MSPaint.  That one was a fluke of magnificence.  So without further blah, here is my latest 3min effort MSPaint addition to the world.  It is my wish that either Lucas or Bay see this and adopt me.

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