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Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The smart party

Well looks like the car issues I've been having the past month seem to have been fixed.  Cars been running good since the alternator was switched out.  Good thing thats come out of this is now I have a mechanic who makes house calls.  Brilliant.

Last night I wa pretty magical.  Slight steam issue at the moment, decided to uninstall and reinstall it to fix it.  Unfortunately my brain was broken at the time and totally forgot that doing this would also delete my game folder.  So now I'm re-downloading the games I was playing.  Should only take a day or two lol.  And that issue I had didnt fix itself so I pretty much wasted my time.  ALMOST as good as uploading a video to youtube for the past 7 hours only for it to tell me I grabbed a file I already had uploaded before.  Fucking youtube.  At least I should be starting a couple new games this week to make clips from.  Youtube..  I need to find a job fast so I can help Jed with his internet issue before I lose all interest in that waste of space site.

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