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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Almost there

I've mentioned in the past how I've been sending off my digital camera for repairs because its absolutely useless and shit, typical sony product.  This is the 4th time I've sent it.  But I finally got a call today from the repair people saying they have decided to replace it with a brand new camera instead of repairing it again.  About fucking time!  Pretty sure they were only doing this stupid dance because they thought I had a year warranty on it, not 5, so they would have to keep this up for a long time.

Anyway, the lady calls me and says they have a replacement model and tell me its the sony TF1 camera.  I have a TX10.  So I thought for a moment and remember looking through a bunch of reviews in the past and thought it sounded familiar, and was pretty sure it was a low end model.  So I ask the lady to give me the specs of it.  So she goes its waterproof, 16mp and 4x zoom, all exactly like your camera.  I pretty much realized right there that she probably had no idea.  So I check online and find out its not only inferior to mine in almost every category, but its also half the price.  They cant swap mine since its discontinued, so they decided since its 2 years old they'll just round the original price down to 1/3 and get a camera that costs that much, and this is the only other waterproof camera listed on the sony site.   I mean just for example, I paid $480 for the camera, you can buy it for just under $400 at the moment.  The one they were trying to palm onto me goes for like $220 or so.  Its also only 720p 30fps where as mine is 1080p 60fps.  INFERIOR CCD lens to my CMOS one.  Also 1 photo per second where as mine bursts 10 shots per second.  And a bunch more other stuff.

I asked her if I'm not happy with this can I select something else comparable.  She said that should be fine.  So I go to the store, they hand me the camera they were told to give me, I run my long list of reasons why its not an option.  The guy agreed with me.  So now I have to wait till tomorrow for them to hear back from the other guys who are making the warranty rules.  He said it should be fine and I should be able to get the camera I want.  Should.  We'll see how it goes.  I'm also going to lose my extra 2 years warranty.  Love it.  But yeah, I told them I either get the camera of my choice which is the panasonic TZ40, which is on par with what my current camera costs now, or they can give me the updated model of my camera which is the sony T20.  Thats their only options.  I refuse to be handed a rubbish downgraded waste of space camera.

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