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Thursday, June 5, 2014

What a stupidly annoying day

Today was just stupid.  Started off early, so I got maybe 3 hours sleep, cause thats how I roll.  Went to a job interview, and the guy was asking me for a bunch of ID, papers showing what stuff I'd completed for school or uni or whatever.  Totally confused me as this is the sort of crap they ask for AFTER they hire you.  My initial hope was to be told what I'd actually be doing.  He said he'd give me a call tomorrow to get the extra info off me.  In the morning of course.  Cause calling people in the afternoon is a fucking sacred crime in the world!!!

My next mission was to get a wireless router as my modems wireless ability decided to explode.  Walkawalkwalked forever till I found one.  Not that cheap sadly but hey, I need my damn wireless and I dont feel like buying a new modem just yet when I'll probably need a new one next year because of shit.  So came home with my stuff, unpacked and started to set it up.  Oh wait...wheres the power box for it?  Fucking...... Drive back, get it replaced, come home, then spend about half an hour trying to figure out how to get the stupid thing working, using tablets and netbooks to connect to it since my pc didnt know it existed.  Anyway all done.

Oh but theres more!  The other day I heard a weird CRACK to the side of my desk.  Couldnt figure out what it was, couldnt smell smoke, didnt see fire, nothing fell, so I palmed it.  Today I go to charge my Vita and its not doing anything.  The charging thing broke.  Thats what that crack was.  It blew itself.  Shaking it makes a rattling sound too.  Luckily I took it back to the store and replaced it, after a bit of screwing around and this stupid cow recommending they ship it off for repairs.   No.  I'm not going to wait 1-2months to get that back.  Gimmie one now.  Got it and its charging fine.

I also ate too much.

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