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Saturday, June 7, 2014

How to make a shit day last for 2 days

Thats right.  Make your bad day stretch to 2!  Technically mine went for 3 but whos counting.  Except me..  So I discovered my wireless modem decided to lose its wireless feature.  I mentioned that before.  I bought a wireless router and attached it to my modem.  All good right? No.  Not even fucking close.  This new magic Netgear piece of SHIT had a wireless radius of about 5 yards.  If I'm in the same room its fine.  Go down the hall?  Forget it.  Everything had issues to connect to it.  So I decided what should I do now?  I'll go buy a Wireless Extender!  I've always wanted to play with those!

Boom, more stupid money spent.  So this thing sets up easily and now I'm getting range in my room.  Its not that strong obviously cause all it doest is boost the length, not the power.  But something was wrong with it.  Something was making my devices just outright forget it was there.  Always disconnecting from it.  Spent 2 days messing with the settings from the router to the extender to the stuff trying to connect to it.  I pretty much got nowhere.  So I decided its time to return them.

The stupid store man said yes he will refund both, which I was surprised to hear, but I needed to call netgear and go through their trouble shooting process and get a reference number for them, so that they wouldnt need to auto send the items off for repair.  And if they werent broken I'd be charged for the sending cost.  Absolute bullshit rule, never heard it before, but theres nothing you can do.  So I called netgear and thankfully the guy on the other end was awesome when I told him I just want to return these, give me a reference number.  He gave and I went.  All done.

The other fun thing is there could be something wrong with my modem.  Yesterday it died around 7-8pm.  All I could do was skype or chat through steam.  No web pages would load, email, nothing.  Just skype and steam chat.  It started working again the next day around 3pm.  This has happened a few times in the past, all spread out though so I thought it was the ISP.  But I'm starting to think its the modem.  So I'm going to replace it with probably the new version of the Billion I currently have.  Amazing brand.

In the end I managed to grab a wireless router off my friend and that things working awesomely.  So thats how my internet days went.  Now my other problems...fuck that.  I'll go into them another time.

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