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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

When your brain and eyes argue

So I was at my friends Royces place sitting there watching some stuff, and in the corner of my eye a little ways away I noticed something on the side of a box.  I look over and my heart practically stops.  The entire world just froze for a few seconds as what my eyes fixed upon looked like a large huntsman spider.  Nononono I didnt like the look of that.  I was ready to bolt to the side and to hell with what was around me!  I would escape this demon!  But my brain was already at work, knowing full well that what I was staring at was actually a clump of cat hair that had somehow fused together in that spot.  Oh sure, the brain knew what it was, but my eyes said FUCK YOU for about 20seconds.  I had to lean in close to triple check, pretty much forgetting I could actually breathe.  But yeah, heres a photo.  I DIDNT LIKE IT!

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