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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Treasure trove

So today was my name day.  Thats basically a thing we greeks have, as well as a few other countries of the christian orthodox faith, where if you're named after a saint you get celebrated along with them.  Think of it like a second birthday since I was named after a saint.  So yeah, presents!

So yesterday there was a sale on at a local store.  Buy a bluray player, get blurays for half price.  Theres quite a few titles I actually want and I started to do the math and realised that over time these certain ones WOULD be purchased because I want them pretty badly, but if I got these at half price with this deal, the player would pay itself off with the amount of money I'd save by doing this.  I also wanted a player for outside and didnt feel like dragging the ps3 in and out all the time.  So I did some product searching to see which would be the best deal for me.  Should I go with the cheapest player which is good, or aim higher for specific features?  After multiple reviews I went higher and bought the Samsung BD-D5500.  So far its pretty epic.  Plays movies as it should and the thing can actually play files downloaded from the net.  Lets say tv shows or HD video clips.  All from my usb drive, hasnt had an issue with any of them so far which is awesome.  The only fault this player has is streaming, like say netflix.  But since we dont have that here its a non factor for me as I dont plan on streaming anything.

So with the player I grabbed a shitload of movies and boxsets I really wanted, like the Twilight Zone series bluray sets from the old black and white 60s series.  Some awesome stories and very cool extras.  For me they're $60.  So I got them for $30.  Same for the original star trek series seasons.  $120 normal, $60 with the deal.  With the amount of titles I was wanting, I got a discount of around $350.  The player was $250.  So I call that a good amount of planning.  Sadly there were some boxsets I really wanted that they didnt have.  Either way I'm good.  I'm just trying to not think about the money I spent.  Like really really trying hard not to think about it.

I saw Jed today, he requested a couple clips from me to put into the portal 2 clip.  I expect we'll be able to finally update it tomorrow.  Unless the world ends and all that LOLOOLOLOL.  Once the clip is out of the way he'll hopefully finish the long long long overdue comic panel 4.

As a bit of fun nostalgia, heres one of the shops I did for fun ages back that appeared in one of the L4D videos.  One of Jeds finest moments.


  1. the world will about a couple million years when the sun turns into a red giant that's the real end

  2. I'm still loling on all the dvds you got

  3. blurays! And yeah quite a bit haha.

    Also the sun doesnt have enough energy to turn into a red giant. The worst that will happen is it'll just burn out and die and retract.

  4. Have you started watching any of them yet?

  5. Nope. Have to get through a bunch of other crap still.

  6. Between you and Jonna getting all these great buys. With your bargain shopping powers combined!!! Haha.

    That picture still makes me laugh.

  7. Lol. Guessing it will be a while till you get to watch them

  8. Original as in Kirk and Spock, right? They were the only ones I've really watched. With a few episodes from TNG. Picard kicked ass.

  9. Yep, the originals with kirk. They did some amazing things with these. You have the option to play the original untouched episodes or the ones that have been slightly enhanced. Like they added in some better CG effects, improved the look of the enterprise, fixed up some backgrounds for planets they landed on. Its not over the top fixes but really classy ones. Look up some comparisons and you'll be impressed.

    Next Generation was ok. I found Deep space 9 to be the best. Ignore ALL the shitty bajoran episodes and everything with Cardassians in it, some really cool episodes. Also I'm one of the few who apparently loved the newer series Enterprise. It only lasted 3 seasons I think because it was too dark and too many die hard trekkies had a massive cry since there werent flowers in every episode. Easily the best series. Lucky they actually made a proper ending so that really helped. No halted ending like stargate Universe for example. And a big FUCK YOU to the people responsible for taking that off the air. Obviously its not as good as watching clowns roam the city drinking and acting stupid. I shudder to think how many of the new series that are coming out will be cancelled because they're too brain intensive. Like for example Awake, The River, Once Upon a Time, Alcatraz etc.