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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Slow week

That show this week has felt for me.  Frustratingly slow.  I usually dont let things get me down but something about this week makes me want to just claw at my face.

I managed to see Jed this week, so theres the tally of 1 appearance done.  I think he'll have the second portal clip ready by the weekend.  But who knows.

I signed back up with the government so if a job comes in they think I'll be good at or if the payroll school opening accepts me then I'll be on my way back and leaving my IT job.  Everyones gotten used to me, constant praise about my work etc, so its weird to see how they treat me as one of them when I've already made plans to leave long ago.  Even made the big big boss of the area laugh so that was entertaining. He seems to like me.  I think the thing I'll miss the most is the windows that has a direct view down to the hotels pool next door.  Topless tourists lolololol.

At least one thing happened thats cheered me up some.  I finally got the art piece I commissioned from Jeffre Cruz.  He's one of the artists from Udon, the guys who do the art for Capcom.  So I got myself a nice large 11x17 piece of my favourite street fighter chaarcter Cammy, doing her front kick attack from the game.  Angle is you about to get smashed by it.  I wanted him to draw a pose that hadnt been done before since I like originality.   I was very happy with it.  Putting it to my collection of art.


  1. Getting smashed by her vagina? Quite a way to go...

  2. The poontang *sorta* draws attention from the rest of the piece.......

    I can already guess what people are gonna do while looking at this picture. Eugh.

  3. Yeah, but to be honest they'd do that to ANY of Cammys pictures. Her outfit is just pretty much made for that. The best thing about this piece is theres no detail between the legs. Other artists would of put everything from camel toes to testicles. This is just a straight up action shot, no different to what you'd see in animated shows.

  4. Topless girls during work just aren't doing it for you anymore, huh?

    Cammys' eyes are very glassy, I like it.

  5. Now that is an awesome. Deserves a shiny frame, a picture like that.

  6. I see your point Con - There's not much detail except for the essentials in the groinal area.

  7. :O it actually looks like I'm already under her.

    :D but yeah<33 Cammy's my favorite too >3<