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Thursday, May 5, 2011

i wove me suum pills

Man I tell ya. Whatever pills the doctor has me on makes me pretty dang tired. At least I am sleeping like a baby! But I am sure some are wondering just what happened to me.

Well I was working out on the sales floor when my friend Andy asked if I would help him do a team lift for one of our managers. We go outside and lo and behold is some kind of wooden structure. I was under the impression we was putting a wooden pallet in her truck. This thing is a DECK for like a house or something.

As we attempted to lift, it became very clear we under guessed the weight of this monster. It was 300+ pounds easy. We struggled, we grunted, and then it happened. I lost control of my poop-smith and crapped my pants. I fall to the ground, curled up in a ball, and cried from so much pain. I couldn't control my guts from spilling their gravy. The release was so strong it can only be described as squeezing a tube of toothpaste till the cap explodes off. The splash damage was vicious. Wet pieces of my turds was hitting Andy's legs.

Ok so I made all of that last part up but I did have to go to the ER. I suffered a lumbar strain. It doesn't sound bad but it really woke me up to what pain is. Thankfully I am recovering well and should be off light duty with in a few days.

With that said I am thrilled to see everyone likes our portal video! Rest assured there are more to come. Con and I haven't even beat the game yet. We had to stop as I ran out of room on my hard drives. Once I get 1-3 more videos made we'll be starting it back up again and continuing the madness!


  1. It's okay, I lose control of my bowels all the time.

  2. "Splash damage" made me lol pretty hard. Glad to hear you'll be making a quick recovery.

  3. So question, is Andy a he, or a she? Because you say 'He' wants to do a team-lift into 'her' truck.

    Well, Here are some 'Get Well' wishes.

  4. Wow. I didn't even think about what I said there. Hurrhurr "Jeddie poo".

  5. Opps my mistake on bad grammar practice. Andy is a he and the manager, who;s truck we was loading that deck onto, is a she.